Saturday, January 3, 2009

Exodus Mandate calling to pull Christian kids out of secular schools

Thanks to Pam Spaulding's Pam's House Blend for this one
Fundies call for exodus from the public schools -- again

where she wrote:
An outfit called Exodus Mandate has released an unhinged video, "Call to Dunkirk," that stresses the urgent need to pull "Christian" kids out of the secular schools.
Watch the twisted propaganda video from the religious right, and be prepared to be offended:

The Call to Dunkirk

The video doesn't specifically mention LGBTQ persons and issues in schools, but I had a feeling they did have things to say connected to that so I did a search on Google for the words "homosexual" and "gay" on the website and came up with these:

Whereas, the promotion of homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle in the public schools constitutes a far greater risk to far more children than the “Gay ...
Why Homosexual Activism in Schools Endangers Students - File Format: Microsoft Word
These are frequently initiated through school alliances with influential homosexual pressure groups such as GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education ...
20050509 - SBC Resolution Asks for Investigation of Homosexual ... - File Format: HTML
May 9, 2005 ... Groups like GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and PFLAG ... Radical gender and homosexual advocacy groups influence ...
Front Jan08 (Letter).indd - File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
children from homosexual indoctrination in our government schools. ... GAY “ MARRIAGE” PROMOTION – positive portrayal of “marriage” other than God-ordained, ...
Articles Index - File Format: HTML
2005-May 09 : SBC Resolution Asks for Investigation of Homosexual Influence ... 2002 - Aug 05 : Get Our Kids Out - Dobson says pro-gay school curriculum has ...

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  1. So how did the enrollment numbers for Dunkirk schools compare to the previous year? How many people actually pulled their kids from schools?